Report SleepyHead Bugs

Bugs are evil and must be exterminated. Please help make SleepyHead better, by reporting any bugs you find.

But first... for optimum happiness and sanity for all, make sure you can accept the following before reporting:

  • Search first and check to make sure what you want to report is not already there.
  • One issue per one bug report! Don't two-fer, or bombard with a whole list in one, or it will get closed and ignored.
  • Tacking an unrelated comment on a different issue is bad form.
  • Make sure to include as much details as possible, please don't assume anyone knows exactly what you are talking about.
  • Do not forget to include the SleepyHead version number. It's critical information.
  • I am not interested in bug reports for older versions of SleepyHead. Make sure you are running the latest version.
  • Don't forget to specifiy the brand and model of your CPAP machine/oximeter, it might be important.
  • Please give specific instructions on how to reproduce it, it's not always obvious.
  • Do NOT add RFE's (feature requests) to Mantis.. there will be a better place for them soon. For now, Contact Jedimark about them.
  • If you have 20 machines in your profile and 4 years of data, you're probably doing it wrong. Try a fresh profile first.
  • Please be prepared to submit a .zip of your SD card if necessary so the fault can be replicated.
  • If you can keep these things in mind, you will be assisting greatly, as bug lists can be a nightmare to maintain.

    The latest binary versions of sleepyhead are:
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    MacOSX 10.7+1.0.0-beta-2.2
    (Click the version number to download)

    If you are building from source, please make sure to "git pull" and rebuild from the latest source first.

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